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Feminist, futurist, father. XL biomachine, he/him. Modern Hebrew. Zionist. Aphantasiac. Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. Bicycling enthusiast. Space enthusiast. Earth enthusiast. Coffee. Speculative fiction! Technology! History! What the hell is this list, even‽

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Google’s Apps Script IDE just threw up a pop up that asked:

“What, if anything, do you dislike most about Apps Script today?”

That “if anything” really got me going. Seriously? I know Google folks tend to be a bit smug about their products and services, but… yuck.

Anyway, FWIW, my response:

No support for bringing in deps from npm (or similar). (I’d love to be able to bring in deps directly from Git repos, a la Deno.) No support for the Node or Deno standard libraries. No native TypeScript support. Inability to create/modify triggers via the API or clasp. Inability to manually change the “deployment” of a trigger, which means I need to manually delete and recreate them. clasp doesn’t support JSON as an output format.

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Incidentally if you're on a Mac, edit images occasionally and like it when software doesn't feel like somebody's quarterly goals just latched themselves to your aorta, the Acorn image editor is really nice.

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computering; software development

I tried to be an ally for a co-worker in an iffy meeting yesterday — and I botched it. Let them down. 😞

Computering, JavaScript

I’m getting excited about Strange Loop!

I just created the channel -change in the Slack and it looks like some folks are joining. Bodes well.

If you’ll be in STL, ping me, let’s hang out!

(Photo is from one of my first times at Strange Loop, maybe my first, in September 2011.)

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For folks in the US, just an FYI that I got the updated COVID booster yesterday at CVS, for free. They said an appointment isn't necessary, just call the pharmacy of your local CVS, ask if they have it and let them know you're coming.

Presumably available at other chains as well.

Redesign after redesign, year after year, and Slack’s information model continues to be incoherent and at odds with its user interface model.

I may have to start my own company just so I can stop using Slack, Discord, Jira, and Confluence. Ugh.

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Just cancelled Netflix, Max, Peacock, Paramount+, Starz in support of WGA and SAG-AFTRA. Will cancel Hulu and Disney+ next.

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Just saw someone driving 3 kids in a beautiful bright blue Focus RS. Looked and sounded glorious. Love it!

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Computer Programming

I’ve been greatly enjoying the live session EPs that the prolific אקווריום (Aquarium) has been releasing in collaboration with a broad swath of Israeli musicians and musical groups.

(The bio on that page seems to be a mixup; I think it’s for the 2002 Washington, DC indie rock duo The Aquarium.)

The session with נרקיס (Narkis) is a favorite:הופעות-חיו

JavaScript, bike shedding
Star Trek
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We’re up to 78 felony charges, in case your keeping count.

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thank you from the bottom of my heart Paul Rubens for making it ok for kids and adults to be a little weird. You helped make the world a way more interesting place and I’ll miss having you in it.

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Whenever I need cheering up about the climate, things like this really help:

"During the 2010s the levelised cost (that is the average lifetime cost of equipment, per megawatt hour of electricity generated) of solar, offshore wind and onshore wind fell by 87%, 62% and 56%, respectively"

And that dramatic fall in costs isn't stopping.

Even the most short-term thinkers must be convinced by that!

(Quote from this paywalled Economist article: )

Re-watched Big Hero 6 today with my kid. Still a great movie, and still hits hard. 😭

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I have seen Barbie, and it is fantastic. I am not entirely sure how that film got made, but I’m glad it did.

It’s best going into it knowing nothing, because it’s not the film you would imagine it is.
I was just listening to episode 132 of @ouropinions and I chuckled (or maybe even guffawed) when you said deadpan, while discussing the book of Exodus, “spoilers for a really old book” — just perfect.

Nissan has announced that they’re switching their North American EVs to NACS!

They’re no longer a leader in the space, but it’s still meaningful.

The list is now:

1. Tesla (sold 522K BEVs in USA in 2022)
2. Ford (62K)
3. GM (38K)
4. Polestar (10K)
5. Volvo (7K)
6. Rivian (20K)
7. Mercedes-Benz (12K)

These automakers together sold the vast majority of EVs in the United States in 2022. So the rest will follow, especially once Supercharger support for the high-voltage cars is sorted out.

One of the best, maybe *the* best, most positive automotive technology stories of the year!