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Feminist, futurist, father. XL biomachine, he/him. Modern Hebrew. Zionist. Aphantasiac. Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. Bicycling enthusiast. Space enthusiast. Earth enthusiast. Coffee. Speculative fiction! Technology! History! What the hell is this list, even‽

I saw Across the Spider-Verse on Sunday — it’s Amazing. Spectacular. Sensational!

If you liked the first film, I highly recommend you see this one on the big screen. The visual experience is phenomenal.

I keep hearing people say “resiliency” and it’s making me real grouchy. Don’t we already have a word for that‽ Isn’t “resilience” literally easier and faster to pronounce‽ What is the advantage or appeal of “resiliency”‽

@MattHodges “…with California hit particularly hard.” is telling. It centers and expresses solidarity with home owners who view their homes as investments, rather than home seekers who need shelter for whom lower housing prices are a relief.

@octothorpe it’s a killer soundtrack… my fav track is Slip Slide Melting by For Love Not Lisa

Tesla Inc; cars

@getalifemike or we could all use autocycles, such as the Aptera and the Nimbus, which AFAIK are already street legal. (I’ve got both “reserved”.)

@helenczerski subtitle is missing the Oxford comma — immediate disqualification.

(J/k looks great I’m excited to read it; I’m currently reading Isaacson’s biography and enjoying the hell out of it.)

@jessejiryudavis oh, this rings a bell for me: there’s a concept that for some reason I usually can only remember the Aramaic word for it, even though I’m only fluent in English. Wait, holy shit, it just came to me: “fastidious” — huh. I wonder if the experience of sharing this multiple times online has somehow created some kind of a optimized look up pathway in my brain. Maybe it’s a bug that gets fixed just from discussing it!

@marcprecipice fantastic talk!

The numbers emphasize for me that we really, really need to enact more ebike subsidies at the city, state, and federal level. For a million reasons, including economic justice. I imagine that helping, say, half a million black households switch from two cars to one car with one or two e-bikes, could over time make a real dent in the racial wealth gap.

Bought tix for Spider-Verse!

@getalifemike wow that cargo model, the Pie, looks super compelling!

Something real strange is about to happen with the weather here

@cam oh right sorry 😬

FL does seem like it could be good for a single speed, as long as you don’t need to go super fast.

🤔 actually this one might have a throttle, in which case you might have the option to get somewhere quickly when necessary.

@jimniels I can’t believe I haven’t watched this yet… it’s a sign that I’ve got a little too much going on, I think 😅 — but I’ve got it queued up and I’m definitely looking forward to it! Let me know what you think, if/when you watch it. No spoilers please! 😝

@andrew as a user who’s running a single-user instance, this all sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

@cam here’s another option: the Ride1Up Roadster: it’s 33 pounds, single speed, belt drive, fast, has mount points for racks + fenders, and costs $1,095 — seems like a good value.

If you’ll need to take it up a lot of hills and/or on light trails, there’s a gravel version for $1,245. (Personally I’d get that one just for the upgraded brakes, as I’m pretty heavy and I like to ride fast.)

@cam I dunno, I think it depends on the price range. There are some light e-bikes but they tend to be higher end bikes.

For example:

* the Vado SL weighs ~15 kg and is apparently on sale right now for $3k, see screenshot. (There’s also an EQ version with fenders and a rack for $250 more but that’d be heavier)
* The Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL is 12.28kg in size L and is apparently on sale for $4,500 (see screenshot)

It also depends on exactly how much weight the bus rack can handle. If there’s a specific agency that you usually use, they might make that information available. It might be worth checking.

@cam my LBS has an arrangement with Klarna whereby they can arrange financing on the spot.

As for the bike, I’m sure you know this but if you want something that feels like a real bike, I suggest you go for light weight and a torque sensor. eg Specialized Vado SL. I tested the SL and it was superb. I ended up buying the heavier non-SL for the bigger battery and I wish I’d bought the SL. My bike is a little too heavy for my taste, and it turns out I never use the full battery capacity. It’s still great though! But the experience has made me more pro test rides before purchase. I ordered the non-SL without testing it because I figured it’d be nearly identical to the SL, but I was wrong.

Fwiw lots of ebike makers have been expanding their brick and mortar presence, eg Rad, Aventon, etc.

@cam it depends on your body size and shape, ie are you quite tall or quite short, and have you test ridden a bike with a similar geometry, weight, technologies, etc. And it depends on how adjustable the bike is, what your preferred riding style is, etc.

I bought a RadWagon without a test ride a couple of years ago. I took a risk that I’d fit, based on their claims (and reviewers assertions) that it was super adjustable to a wide range of riders. Turns out that was correct, but I disliked the lack of a torque sensor, and the mechanical disc brakes. So I sold it after a year.

Personally I wouldn’t buy from an online brand without some kind of local support again. Especially easier returns.

@jimniels oh cool!

Does the product have any kind of support for proposing and reviewing potential changes eg branching and merging or something along those lines? I’ve felt for a while that we (computering) need more tools with that baked in.

@rem 👋 so if I want one, I just follow you and wait for you to post a URL? (I have no idea what this kind of thing costs so I’m in the “intrigued” stage of the customer journey.)

(Thanks @janl for the link!)

Playing with SwiftUI in Swift Playgrounds on my iPad and it’s actually pretty fun!

@borkdude this is great! Thanks!!!

@getalifemike also I suggest you look into a helmet that’s certified for those high speeds.

(There’s no such standard in North America but there is a relevant Dutch standard. fwiw I recently bought a helmet from Specialized that has that Dutch certification and I’m quite happy with it.)