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Watched โ€œBatteries Not Includedโ€ with my 11-year-old last night. It holds up!

Went to a fantastic car show this morning with my kid and our dog. Caffeine & Carburetors in New Canaan, CT. Good times!

Happy Fatherโ€™s Day!

Holy shit, Radiolab just dropped an episode on aphantasia โ€” the obscure neurological quirk that makes me me!

TIL that just as they shamelessly copied Slack, MS also has a clone of Notion.

Well, at least theyโ€˜re consistent.

I think I murdered another plant ๐Ÿ˜ž

Microsoft has no taste, exhibit one billion

I miss scrollbars.

TIL: a 225-mile road trip in a ~22 kWh (usable) CHAdeMO car (in the US, in May 2024) is miserable.

@simon if one wanted to maintain a mostly straightforward dataset in a GitHub repo, collaboratively with other people, potentially the public (i.e. โ€œcrowdsourcingโ€) โ€” would you suggest using CSV, JSON, or something else as the file format?

Itโ€™s sad to see Google drink themselves to death on their own โ€œAIโ€ (๐Ÿคข) flavored Kool-Aid but letโ€™s be honest; theyโ€™ve been been headed in this direction for many years.